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  • "I chose to work with WebtrixPro after hearing about their amazing project management skills at every step of the way. The results are impressive, they listen carefully to my wishes and both my websites look awesome! It was easy to convey thoughts and ideas to the team and they find the right solution to my many whims. My customer service experience was just great, they continuously kept me appraised by updating me on what progress was completed and every step of the way requesting approvals before we moved to next implementation phase til we went live. I am 100% satisfied with their excellent service and end results. I have already recommended them to my colleagues and friends in need to revamp their outdated sites!"

    ~ Dalia Berlin, Berling Designs &

  • "I have looked at several web development companies but decided to go with WebtrixPro because I've known about this company for a while and seen a lot of their work that I liked. They were very professional and responsible and on top of all the tasks needed to perfect the website."

    ~ Dr. Elise Kramer Rouimi, Miami Contact Lens ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "Webtrix Pro is a professional and highly motivated team! We are so glad we found them! For a months we were looking for a reasonably-priced design team to help us bring to life the website and e-commerce platform we had in mind."

    ~ Olga Smith, Hollywood Pictures ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "Lots of small details added up to make this web platform and app possible. The team at WebtrixPro was always very attentive, kind, and always made time for anything we needed, small or big. They made it very easy to communicate our ideas in creating this web platform and getting it to its full potential and never made."

    ~ Russell Feder, Stepping Stone Capital

  • "We initially heard about WebtrixPro  from a friend in Miami when we were looking for a web designer to re-design our corporate website in order to implement a new google search optimization strategy. We decided to select WebtrixPro after our first meeting with Assaf based on their professional approach, their experience and their excellent products presentation. We are very satisfied with the results of our collaboration with the WebtrixPro team. Our new website is everything we were hoping for and they provided excellent customer service throughout its implementation. All the members of the WebtrixPro team were professional, patient, ready to accommodate late changes in the design, available for our partners in different time zones and committed to perfect the design of our website until we were fully satisfied. We will wholeheartedly recommend WebtrixPro to anyone seeking services to design, build and maintain a website. They provide excellent services, deliver great products and are a pleasure to work with."

    ~ Ravit Messas, R & S Eventime ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "I am delighted to highly recommend WebtrixPro. I partnered with the WebtrixPro team to develop a digital platform that required both the creation of a website and an app. It has been a great experience. WebtrixPro team had demonstrated a strong professionalism and customer centric approach not only by delivering what we agree on but by being flexible and understanding regarding our timing. WebtrixPro is a trusted partner who will accompany you from the definition of the scope of the project to the launch by keeping your best interest in mind."

    ~ Cindy Montgenie, Xaanadou ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "I needed two additional pages added to my website. The pages designed by WebtrixPro were beautiful and both the design and the development work exceeded my expectations. I loved how the branding remained true on the new pages. I was so satisfied that I added an additional update to the shop page. The team at WebtrixPro is super talented and responsive. Jasmina answered and managed all questions and requests very professionally. Thank you for a job well done. I will definitely continue to work with WebtrixPro and recommend them to others"

    ~ Elianis Guevara ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "You have a great team. I am extremely pleased with the artistic portion and everything your designers did. I also want to make it a point to say that Jasmina was EXTREMELY diligent, easy to work with, and most of all patient throughout. Pleasure to work with from start to finish. Thank you Jasmina and to the rest of the WebtrixPro team."

    ~ Rafael Hernandez ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "Trust! I am a super-nerd that can do it all myself, but I just don’t have the time. So, trusting someone to do the work as good as or better than I can do is almost impossible. UNTIL - WebtrixPro. Assaf and his team are AMAZING. Not only do I trust them with my geeky stuff, I refer them to my non-geeky friends, partners, and clients. They make me look like a superstar, deliver amazing work, and do it all for a fair and reasonable rate. You couldn’t ask for more!"

    ~ Dawnna ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "We were looking to update and edit some of the functionality of our website. Our team interviewed so many different companies and individuals, and WebtrixPro beat them all out of the water because they truly understood our needs. Working with WebtrixPro was a dream! They gave us exactly what we were looking for; our website is now easy to edit and it looks amazing, and they made it happen so quickly!

    From the go, they had our complete trust because they really listened to what it was we wanted and then they spelled out step by step how they could make it happen.

    The communication and professionalism of this team is truly amazing. They are extremely good at what they do, and they are so knowledgeable with all things web-related. They were helpful, patient, and crystal clear on where we were at every step of the process. They ensured we were extremely satisfied at every single point along the way. They were so responsive and thoughtful. Working with WebtrixPro was awesome! In fact, it was so awesome that I have already referred 5 people to WebtrixPro for their website needs."

    ~ Kate Singogo, Website & Project Manager ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "I am so pleased to recommend WebtrixPro. I hired them to completely redo my website, and I couldn't be happier with the service and the results. My website went from being very basic to extremely professional. I am getting a lot of new business from the site. More importantly, I have a web presence that is seamlessly integrated with my other marketing materials. They have been extremely professional and prompt with all follow up inquiries I have had. I would be delighted to recommend WebtrixPro to anyone looking to take their web presence to the next level."

    ~ Laura Kelly, Owner ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "Our car rental site needs to be easy to use to allow people to rent cars 24/7. This means that we needed an online reservation system that could easily be used to rent cars any time of the day or night. Since we rent cars to people of all nationalities and cultures, any website we have needs to be culturally sensitive to that. When WebtrixPro worked on our website, they were able to do it in a way that was inviting to all and that would allow for easy car rental reservations.

    When we gave them a call, we stressed the importance of a simple system that is easy to use for the customer, but also easy to use for our employees as well. They worked hand in hand with us to customize a system that worked for us and for our customers. This is what set them apart from other companies, as most wanted to use a one-size-fits-all approach. We appreciate the extra time and effort that they gave us and our site to make it work for us and for our business. It made all the difference. Thank you WebtrixPro!"

    ~ 770 Car Rental, Website ( Read Testimonial on Social media )

  • "We needed a website to ensure that our products and services could be offered to more prospective clients and came to WebtrixPro to create a site that would appeal to a wide range of cultures. Our headquarters are in Israel, but we service companies all around the world, so our website needs to reflect this and be culturally sensitive. WebtrixPro was able to create a site that did this beautifully and in a way that was professional and inviting.

    Our customers at Eminence Lighting have been very receptive to our site. From new customers to our current ones, we have had quite a few compliments about the design. While it has brightness about it, the dark gray background grounds it to give it a more contemporary feel. We could not be happier with how the website has turned out and the process went very smooth from start to finish. From the planning stages to the completion of the project, the professionals at WebtrixPro listened to our ideas and took them into consideration. Thank you WebtrixPro for such a great experience!"

    ~ Eminence Lighting, Website

  • "We hired WebtrixPro in October 2005 to optimize our dove hunting web site which was not yet built.  In only 3 months the results are outstanding.  We are on the first page of Yahoo and MSN and Google is improving every day.  We have closed several sales which were a direct result of our web optimization investment.  In addition, WebtrixPro has diligently managed our Pay-Per-Click campaign which is generating traffic towards our site.  WebtrixPro has done this because of their unique knowledge and more importantly their high work ethic.  The WebtrixPro team can be found working late into the night and they are always following up on matters.  We look forward to a long-lasting relationship."

    ~ David Perez

  • "When I engaged WebtrixPro to launch me into the world of e-commerce I was quite naive to the complexity of creating an awesome website with the capacity to sell my products. Assaf and his people have created a beautiful professional site that is easy to navigate from looking thru my merchandise to checking out with the shopping cart. Whenever I asked for changes or little tweaks that I wanted, they made it happen, and they did it quickly and happily.

    So, what I am trying to say is they are easy to work with and they will deliver exactly what you want (probably better than you knew you wanted). Then when you have a beautiful website they will help you market it."

    ~ Donna

  • "As I have told you before, what sets you and your company apart from all other web developers that I have worked with (and there have been quite a few) is that to every request and feature I want to implement, you answer “Yes, its possible!.” That is quickly followed up by a very reasonable price, if any (no nickel and diming). It may seem natural to you, but I have always received a LOT of resistance to do anything outside whatever the developer had initially intended. 

    On this fact alone, I would recommend you to anyone I know. However, the fact that you are able to fully understand the needs and limitations of a small business, and took over the project and essentially lifted it off my crowded plate has been a tremendous help. You have been pushing me to get things done, usually its the other way around!

    Last but not least, your experience has resulted into great recommendations and feature implementations. Very important."

    ~ Paul Farago

  • "Although I have known you for only a year you have made the relationship feel like we have known you for many years. Your service is constant and of a very high quality. What makes you special is that you always make me feel like you understand my needs and prove it by great performance. The logo your team provided was spot on! The web page is looking great and I am excited to see the finished product. There has never been a time where you did not respond to my inquiries even on weekends. Your knowledge of the internet is incredible and you are helping me be at the top of my game. WebtrixPros is the only group I would recommend, to any business person, when they want the very best!"

    ~ Patrick Killen

  • "I want to express my appreciation to Assaf Shami and his team at WebtrixPro for an ongoing job well done. Before I hired Assaf, I had a static one-page website with irrelevant and outdated links, a long and dull bio, no fields for visitors to leave contact information and barely any “web presence” at all. As my practice grew however, it needed a website that allowed me to add, edit, update and expand without having to call a webmaster every other day. I came to Assaf with a long list of what I wanted, including some special contact features and Assaf was able to incorporate it all in a cost-effective manner.
    The new website that was built for me is an invaluable tool for my Criminal Defense law practice because potential clients will often look here first before contacting me. The designer has modernized the look and feel of my website, and created one that is professional, creative, and innovative. The site is easy for my clients to navigate and the SEO team at WebtrixPro makes sure that my law practice is recognized on the top of the first page on all the major search engines on the internet.
    If I have any kind of design/web issue or e-mail problem, Assaf wastes no time in addressing and resolving the problem. I especially appreciate the ‘let’s just dive in and get it done’ attitude no matter what kind of design/web or e-mail problem I present to him.
    Assaf Shami has made my website much more effective than it ever was before. Today, the Law Offices of Richard G. Salzman, P.A. is better able to serve its clients because of the features Assaf and his team built into the site and taught me how to use. I also have a more secure site, which is extremely important for clients who leave sensitive personal information for me to review before they meet with me to discuss their legal defense strategies.
    Assaf has provided fantastic ideas, both in terms of aesthetics and behind the scenes operations. He’s quick to respond to any and all questions and is extremely knowledgeable and reliable.
    I would highly recommend Assaf Shami to anyone seeking to build a new website or update their existing website."

    ~ Richard G. Salzman

  • "I have used other website developers and web marketing companies and my biggest complaint has always been that I cannot get a hold of the person working on my site, and it always took them very long to get back to me. With WebtrixPro, my calls were always either answered immediately or returned within an hour. In addition, my emails were replied to promptly. Assaf was always very personal, attentive and responsive. He also has a great understanding of general marketing strategies, which he implemented in the website very quickly and efficiently. I explained what my ideas were, and he was able to implement them perfectly. That saved me a ton of time by not having to explain things over and over."

    ~ Datan Dorot

  • "Assaf and I met at BNI. He Was the internet Guru and I was the real estate one but without a web site… which is the key to my success if I want to perform at a higher level in my industry very competitive by nature. Assaf and his team approached me and offered to help me from scratch on the design of this new web site, image, content, optimization, basically a whole package at an attractive price. I am happy to say today, thanks to “WebtrixPro” and their efforts, my web site is generating more leads than I digest! it’s been a huge boost in my business and I don’t understand mhy I haven’t done it sooner. The return on my investment is far beyond waht i had expected. Thank you “WebtrixPro”! Thank you Assaf!"

    ~ Emmanuel Aldabe

  • "WebtrixPro provided us with the most up to date and efficient website we were hoping for. Assaf worked with us every step of the way, taking the time to understand our needs as well as coordinating the price point we were expecting to pay. He took us through the process one step at a time, allowing us to digest our choices and make the right selections for us. The give and take was crucial for us and the response time with every phone call and email was almost immediate. With many companies out there it is hard to determine which ones are reputable, fair, but yet have the pulse on how to work individually with each and every client. They have done it all. In addition, no question was too small or trivial and Assaf made us feel like our account was just as important as any other. After the website was in place we had no problem calling him for any maintenance issues and they were most gracious in providing assistance. We give him and his company the highest recommendation."

    ~ Susan Koslovsky

  • "Desperately needing to completely overhaul our 5+ year old website in order to update my company’s image and to generate more business we turned to WebtrixPro for the redesign. WebtrixPro designed EXACTLY what we wanted! Our new and improved site is polished and projects exactly the image we want our title company to convey. Their design team was extremely patient with our numerous requests, contacted us with answers and revisions promptly, and most of all created an excellent design… all within our budget."

    ~ Susie Golden

  • "I would like to thank WebtrixPro for the expert way in which they made me visible on the web. I had an older website and no presence on the web. Unless someone typed in my name, or had my URL, I never came up. As far as Google was concerned, I did not exist. You changed that fast. I now come up on a Google search on the first page with the local search. With your suggestions, we now have a separate phone number to track how the internet is working for us, and if the dollars we spend are worth it."

    ~ Frederick Knoll DDS

  • "WebtrixPro’s services were highly recommended to our company by one of our top travel destinations who has used their services for years. We have worked with three companies in the past seven years and WebtrixPro achieved more results for us in a few months than the other three companies could in years! We are on the first page of Google and other major search engines for many of our top search terms with more added on a regular basis. They are very attentive to our needs and they actually wait on us more than we wait on them! Looking forward to many more years of solid sales leads from our website…we highly recommend WebtrixPro. Give us a call if you would like more information about our experiences."

    ~ Wyatt McCulloch

  • "I knew I had a great product, but I also had a lot of fierce competition.  After a couple of bad experiences with various “internet optimization gurus” that promised the moon, but only ran up dizzying fees and served up excuses for poor results–I found WebtrixPro.  In a real zoo of characters out there on the web, WebtrixPro is really a different animal.  They offered me an understandable optimization platform where <strong>their compensation was tied to my success, not the other way around.</strong>"

    ~ George Criddle

  • "I’ve hired WebtrixPro to run our paid advertising campaign and to do the search engine optimization work on our site. With in 3 months the phone stared ringing and we started getting orders online. To be honest, I was very skeptic this is going to work, but after they showed me what they can do for my online store I’ve let them handled everything. Today WebtrixPro not only manages our search engine marketing campaign but they also manage our website development and shopping cart. 

    Every minute you hesitate hiring these guys cost you money! I know that because I lost money until I hired WebtrixPro."

    ~ Israel Siman Tov

  • "As the person responsible for the IT and marketing of a watch retailer/wholesaler with a solid 30 year reputation, I receive calls almost daily from Search Engine Optimization firms attempting to sell us their services. The fact of the matter is, we don’t need additional help with our SEO.  The team at demonstrate consistent results, and every day we see our company show up in new search results with some of our most relevant search terms.

    We express our most sincere gratitude to all the team at Rank Adviosr for their hard work and dedication to making our web site a success.   Mr. Shami is more than just technically competent; he truly cares that our company finds success on the Internet, and his response time and customer service are both above and beyond!"

    ~ Stephanie Smith

  • "WebtrixPro was recommended to us by a friend. At first, we were skeptic about advertising on the Internet but after seeing the results that they provided their other clients we decided to go with them and signed a 6 months contract. With in 3 months our Internet leads doubled and now we are ranked on the first page of Google for our most competitive keywords. That was 2 years ago. Since then we have grown and our Internet marketing budget had grown as well. We decided to hire WebtrixPro on a regular basis to run our entire Internet marketing campaign and we are very happy with them."

    ~ Shahar Manully

  • "The team at WebtrixPro did a great job marketing our website. They helped us redesign our website and got us on the first page for many of our keywords. They also launched 10 satellite websites that are now ranking on the first page of Google that bring more traffic and potential clients to our website. After working with them for more than 2 years ,I can say with out hesitation that these guys know what they are doing. 

    I wouldn’t think twice about hiring them!."

    ~ Meir Shiber

  • "The team at WebtrixPro has been an integral part of my business since the inception of our collaboration together. They are motivated, resourceful and talented individuals who are also down-to-earth and very relatable. I needed a major overhaul of my existing website and that is exactly what they provided and more. 

    The team leader has potential in many fields but in the field he chose to focus on he has exerted all of his efforts on the projects he chose to work on and is very diligent with all the details that pertain to your website needs. His knowledge of the field is indispensable and he always finds new and innovative methods to promote your website. 

    I feel very lucky to have found him and, as a result, my website is now readily accessible and I am experiencing a great deal of surfer attention along with praise regarding the format that the web desing team at WebtrixPro were responsible for. 

    I will be forever indebted to WebtrixPro for making my business come alive and will continue to work with him and recommend his services to all those that are close to me." 

    ~ Sagit Barnea

  • "We hired WebtrixPro to increase our search engine traffic for WebtrixPro’s Internet marketing team have increased our traffic and exposure to the search engines by optimizing our web site, and created and managed a very effective pay per click campaign.

    They were very professional and I would highly recommend their services at any time."

    ~ Marc Fischman

  • "We hired WebtrixPro’s back in 2008 to help us at Bundarra Art Gallery increase our search engine traffic for During the process the team at WebtrixPro’s have been truly fantastic. They have been professional, dedicated and extremely helpful. I have no hesitation in recommending WebtrixPro’s to anyone seeking to enlist a Search Engine Optimization firm."

    ~ Nina Ayalon

  • "We are a moving/relocation company, worked with couple SEO companies before but haven’t seen any results. Less then a year ago WebtrixPro came highly recommended by one of their clients and we started seeing results very quickly – with in about 3 months the phones started ringing and our company is showing on first pages in search results. Also, they are managing our PPC campaign very effectively. They are very professional and provide a great customer service. We would like to thank them for their great job and for being so helpful, would highly recommend their service!"

    ~ Natalie Elgrably

  • "We are an online store who specializes in home office furniture and modern home furniture. We started our business less than a year ago and when we started looking for a Search Engine Optimization Company we looked at various choices and decided to use WebtrixPro who came highly recommended by one of his actual clients. WebtrixPro has not only helped us in all our IT solutions but have also advised us in various marketing strategies. Thanks to them our online furniture store is rapidly increasing market share."

    ~ Dina Levy

  • "Our website for MHKA was very old and outdated, so we went to WebtrixPro to get a more welcoming and modern site. We needed to increase our traffic to lead more clients to our business for not only our Krav Maga training, but also for our other offerings, including birthday parties. WebtrixPro was able to take all of our information to create a site that is very modern and professional looking that would give any visitors the best possible look at our business.

    The color choices made a very big impact on our site. The background of dark grey and the pop of red and white make it look very modern and easy to read. All of this together with the pictures and the videos create a site that is easy to focus on and enjoy. Our previous site looked a bit overwhelming with the many different colors, but this one is much more relaxed and professional looking, which we love. WebtrixPro was able to take our information and make it into a cohesive site that we can be proud of. We could not be any prouder of the work that was done! "

    ~ Kravmaga Certified, Website

  • "My law firm works in a highly competitive market. The competition routinely spending thousands of dollars per month on Search Engine Optimization. When we started working with Assaf and his team 6 months ago, ranking on the first couple of pages of google seemed like a dream. That dream is quickly becoming a reality. WebtrixPro over-delivers on its promises"

    ~ Andino Reynal, Attorney

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