Gator Hotel and Suites

Launch Project

Gator Hotel and Suites is a boutique hotel in northern Florida, and they wanted to set themselves apart from others via their website. They needed a site that showed off the best that they have to offer at their hotel and a site that made people want to come visit them. Due to the high number of hotels in Florida and the booming tourist business, this is not as easy as it may seem.

The Challenge

When we began the project, they realized that they had to think carefully about how they could set this hotel website apart from others. Since Florida is such a tourist state, there are many hotels for guests to choose from, and this means Gator Hotel and Suites needs to be different from others. They are a boutique hotel instead of one of the many chain hotels, which is definitely unusual and makes them stand out. We took all the best features of the hotel and used it to create a site that would encourage future guests to want to stay at this special gem in Florida.


The Solution

The location of Gator Hotel and Suites puts it close to the University of Florida, which makes it great for football games and parent weekends. Additionally, it is nearby other attractions, including parks and museums. We made sure to include that kind of information as well as the many amenities that they offer, including concierge service, free parking, continental breakfast, and more. By highlighting these facts, as well as the beautiful rooms, we were able to create a site that draws guests in and makes them want to stay at Gator Hotel and Suites.

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