Launch Project

Shortly after new owners purchased Sushi House in North Miami Beach, they realized they needed a website that matched their business. Sushi House offers modern sushi and pan-Asian dishes, and uniquely incorporates intercontinental influences such as French and Hawaiian cuisine. This hip restaurant, with its modern global themes, was limping along with a difficult-to-use website reminiscent of 1990s pages. Sushi House’s new owners called on us at Rank Advisor to bring their website up to par with their modern business and style and give them a strong online presence.

The Challenge

We wanted to offer Sushi House a website that matched their business and goals, while also fulfilling their need for an easily manageable site. As a restaurant with frequently updating specials, prices, and other information, they needed a site with back-end accessibility for easy updates to their menu items and more. For a wider online presence, the site needed social media representation on Google +, at least, to meet the client’s desired reach and online ranking.


The Solution

Ultimately, there was not much to work with on the original site. Instead, we designed the website from scratch on wordpress with HTML5 and CSS3 to enable mobile accessibility. Our new design offered new and vibrant designs to coordinate with Sushi House’s modern look and approach to food. The menu was built to be easily readable, but also functional for Sushi House’s updating needs. We also built in a reservation system, amplifying their online potential beyond a sleek new site. With all this in place, we worked together to create a social media campaign to draw customers to the newly implemented website. Through Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and Yelp, we made the splash necessary to bring internet-savvy customers to Sushi House’s new, suitably modern and well-matched

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