Launch Project

Even though Moti Horenstein Hisardut can take down any opponent with his Krav Maga technique, this hand-to-hand combat art doesn’t help in the world of Internet marketing. He realized that he needed help to create a website that matched his business. He contacted Rank Advisor to launch a website that would market his Krav Maga Academy in a way that would appeal to people of all ages.

The Challenge

Krav Maga is known for its hard-hitting technique, but Moti wanted his business to be known for much more. While most people expect to learn the dazzling offensive techniques seen in movies, Moti focuses more on the self-defense aspects to ensure his students’ safety in the real world. His website needed to reflect this focus for every level of student – from the youngest to the oldest – in addition to increasing his social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and more.


The Solution

When Rank Advisor began the process, we wanted to create a site that was both professional and eye-catching. The mix of gray, red, and white was a great touch for Moti Horenstein’s Krav Maga Academy’s site, as it was pleasing to the eye. In addition, the social media campaign began to draw customers to the new site, which ensured that visitors could find all of the information needed about classes, parties, and more. The new and updated site has made a big impact on the business as a whole.

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