Launch Project

Essence Skin and Laser was looking for a more modern website that would let their customers know what they offered, as well as a stronger social media presence. They had a basic website, but it was not as polished as they wanted. Furthermore, it did not offer all of the details necessary to ensure that their prospective customers had all of the information they needed to choose them for their skincare needs.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge that we at Rank Advisor had was finding the right mix of color choice and professionalism for Essence Skin and Laser. Since Essence uses a fuchsia pink pop of color amid the black and white d├ęcor, we decided to use that same flow of colors on their site as well. It was a great mix of colors that are luxurious and rich, which is an excellent choice for a spa site.


The Solution

Once we started working on the site, we were cognizant of the fact that we needed to include information about all of the services in a way that was easy to navigate and understand. Complete with before and after pictures and explanations, each service is defined to make it as simple as possible. Once the site was up and running, we worked with Essence to bulk up their social media presence to bring more traffic to their site and more customers to their business.

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