Launch Project

The owner of Blue Coast Pools had enjoyed a very successful business since opening his doors in 1985, long before the advent of the internet. When the web emerged 10 years later, he passed on creating a page for his business since word-of-mouth had served him well. Nearly 25 years later, he realized suddenly that all of his competitors were coming up in search engine results and sweeping up clients. There wasn’t even a whisper about his business on the internet. When he came to work with us in 2013, he was ready to have not only a successful business, but a strong online presence to double that success.

The Challenge

Blue Coast Pools had decades of success already. Our objective was to go beyond the word-of-mouth recommendations that had been fueling this success for so long and try for a bigger goal. The site didn’t require complex functionality, but rather just an eye-catching and appealing way to showcase the company, its services, and offer a form for estimates.


The Solution

Without a previous internet presence, we built Blue Coast Pool’s new site from scratch on WordPress with information about the business available. The main feature of the site is an instantly identifiable estimate form on the main page, intended to grab visitors right away. Since the site was also linked to gather traffic from Angie’s List, this location was especially important. Our HTML5 and CSS3 enabled a fully responsive site with mobile accessibility in order to reach a wider audience than this company had ever had before. This project was relatively straightforward, and only took 3-4 months to be fully implemented and already achieving a successful outreach.

Why Us

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