4 Ways to Perfectly Budget Your Custom Software App

A big concern among business owners who invest in a custom software app revolves around budgeting. Project scope, project contracts, project management, and scope creep can all affect a project’s outcome.

So let me share with you several easy ways you can keep your custom software app perfectly on track, on time, and on budget.

1.Determine the project scope.
Project scope requires you to determine your desired functionality. Perhaps you want a simple website or a mobile app, or maybe a combination of both. Depending on your project’s complexity, a software developer can help you to determine your project scope, while working with you to develop your goals and price the project.
2.Be conscious of your contract.
A good contract protects you and the vendor equally. Before you sign on the dotted line, here are some items to look out for that can blow your budget or derail your project:


Is there an arbitration clause? How will disagreements be solved during the project? What happens if both sides decide to walk away from the project? Who owns the code being created for the project? After the project is complete, can you move your code to a different vendor?


There is no right answer to these questions, but all should be addressed in your contract.
3.Project management is key.
Once you agree on price and scope, development can begin. Most projects have a project manager assigned to them. Project managers help keep the project within the original scope and agreed-to budget. This is done via progress reviews at regular intervals.
4.Be aware of the possibility of scope creep.
By simply implementing these ideas, you are sure to have a more successful project that stays on track, on time, and on budget.